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August 16, 2018  

Pod Format FYI

August 16, 2018


As of August 2018 I’m prepping to launch format 3.0. It’ll be driven by locally sourced in-person interviews recorded in my new office/studio which should be ready to go in August. 

Why change to MRV/Waterbury/Stowe residents and visitors?
I’m tired of having the pod cover people and places I rarely see anymore and frankly the user submissions just weren’t getting better. Feel free to keep sending in thoughts or questions via email or (802) 560-5003 to get them into the pod, but when the project relaunches in a few weeks it’ll be driven by deeper dives with a wide swath of members of my local community or visitors that happen to come through town.
I need to enjoy doing this if I’m going to keep doing this. So I’m making this change in the interest of sustainability and, I hope, quality.
My “real job” is scattered across nine states not named Vermont. I’d like my hobby job to at least be based locally, so I can do some good with it right here where I live.
Stick with me or complain. Either is fine.
Always happy to hear from listeners via Send me a question or comment I should read on air. Or read it yourself and send me the audio of that.