Pod Format FYI


Episodes 1-44 were in partnership with VPR. Lots of studio interviews and some on-the-go episodes from events or mountain locations.
Episodes 45-54 were monthly user generated clip shows with submissions from all over ski country.
Episode 55-70 were "locals and visitors, half skiing, half not skiing" from Vermont mostly. 
Episode 71 and beyond are going to be a mix of all formats and now I have decent mobile equipment. 
Why the changes? Over the years I've had to reformat to make the podcast work within my time constraints (it's a side gig not my career). 
Would you like to support the podcast? I'm not taking your money, but I have started a new support vehicle where we'll donate the funds locally every time we hit $200. And I double it with my personal funds. Get on board for as little as $1 a month and hit me up on social to suggest future recipients. 
Always happy to hear from listeners. The pod voicemail is 802-560-5003. Leave a rant or a question or anything. Or email alex@wintrymixcast.com

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