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December 27, 2017  
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Audio Tips

December 27, 2017

Season 4 starting at episode 46 is the new format. 

It's 100% listener driven. It requires ya'll to send me interesting sound from all over ski country. 

  • Tell us about your news (conversational audio version of press release).
  • Bitch about something. 
  • Record a conversation on your way to the mountain. 
  • Hype something going on in your town or ski hill. 
  • Promote your apres ski band (music welcome). 
  • Share a ski memory.
  • Buy or sell.
  • Date or hate.
  • Rant or rave.
  • Help wanted (yes get your HR dept talking).
  • Rank some beer or pizza.
  • Review some gear.
  • Share some knowledge.
  • Thank someone awesome.
  • Record someone important when they are talking. 
  • Literally anything you want. If it's from/about ski country in any fashion, it's welcome.
  • This is an audio bulletin board. Stick whatever you want on it.
  • An après ski barstool and gathering spot to share what's up each month.
  • Brands, resorts, skiers, snowboarders, dishwashers, plow drivers, you name it.
  • Don't record yourself reading ad copy. That's the only thing that sucks. 
Bottom line though, if you have never listened to the pod, it'll be tricky to understand. Episode 46 briefly explains the new format and all episodes since then operate in it. 

Send your 1-2 minutes of audio to me at before my editing deadlines, which I highlight in all social and on the previous pod. They are usually at the end/start of a month, and I publish a few days later. 

I'm also happy to help you think of a good idea that will generate interesting/easy audio. You are free to email me for ideas based on your unique role in our sport. 

All of your phones have audio apps on them. Don't overthink this. People like to meet people. Say hello. 

Season 1-3 of Wintry Mix was long form studio interviews or on-location episodes. The archive is deep and interesting. Episodes nabbed between 2,000 and 17,000 listeners each. Binging on the old stuff is highly recommended.