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October 12, 2016  

33 - Voting Outdoors: Vermont Governor’s Race Mimics National Trend

October 12, 2016

Raising awareness is so 2010.

Climate, public lands, and attracting outdoorsy businesses seem to be the three key pillars of the recent surge in outdoor activism aiming to influence the state and national political landscape. Non-profits like Protect Our Winters and the Outdoor Industry Association head to Washington while individual states navigate their own local priorities influenced by their increasingly engaged outdoor industry citizenry.

Episode 33 is an evening behind the scenes at a Sue Minter For Governor fundraiser with an outdoor industry focus. Candidate seeks donors and support. Donors seek policies that can help grow their industry. It's not always so scary, and it's happening nationwide on a variety of issues. And yes I tried to get both Vermont campaigns to talk outdoor biz for episodes, but Minter's was only one to respond.

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