Happy Halloween. No joke.

People get spooked. When they do they call a paranormal investigator to help them get answers. Stowe's Karen Keene is the Assistant Director and Case Manager for Paranormal Investigators of New England

In the first episode of the locals and visitors format of Wintry Mix I sit down with Karen to learn about her other local pursuits, which are many, as well as what it means to be a ghost hunter. If you want to take one of Karen's (or my wife's) indoor cycling classes check out Ride in Stowe

The future of Wintry Mix will be all locals and visitors. Recorded from my office/studio in Waterbury Center. 

Another episode is dropping right on top of this one to re-launch the pod for 18/19. Want to be on the pod? Or sponsor it? Or say anything at all? Email me alex@wintrymixcast.com or leave a voicemail at 802 560 5003. 

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