Another new episode? Damn right. 

Ryan Dunfee of Portland, Maine visited our neighborhood in September to do some mountain biking and boondocking. Even if you don't know him you've likely clicked on something that was his fault during his Teton Gravity Research days. True to form we talk skiing and not skiing. 

Wintry Mix is Stowe, Waterbury, MRV locals and visitors. Recorded from my office/studio in Waterbury Center. 

Episode 55 and 56 dropped right before this one to re-launch the pod for 18/19. So be sure to catch those too. Want to be on the pod? Or sponsor it? Or say anything at all? Email me or leave a voicemail at 802 560 5003. Right now that voicemail is for leaving your car related questions for the upcoming Wintry Mix Car Talk episode. 

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