Way up in the Panhandle of Idaho is a town called Sandpoint and a ski mountain known as Schweitzer. Episode 69 takes us there and back. Buckle up. 

Wintry Mix is Stowe, Waterbury, MRV locals and visitors supported by the Town and Country of Stowe. Recorded from my office/studio in Waterbury Center. Visit patreon.com/wintrymixcast to join the podcast listeners pooling their spare change to support local causes every time we hit $200. It's the best way to make sure I don't quit. As little as $1 per month. 

Episode 55 - 68 dropped right before this one to re-launch the pod for 18/19. So be sure to catch those too. Email me alex@wintrymixcast.com or leave the pod a voicemail at 802 560 5003. Questions. Rants. Anything. 

Wintry Mix is also now partnering with Vermont Ski and Ride Magazine (watch for Zander Basedepth's return). Sign up for free digital subscription to Vermont Ski and Ride Magazine at vtskiandride.com and look for print copies at your local outdoor retailer, bars, coffee shops and more. 

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